How to Get Windows Store App Url?

Have you ever wondered what a Windows Store App URL is and why you might need it?

We will explore the ins and outs of Windows Store App URLs, including how to obtain them for apps already installed on your device, available on the Windows Store website, and accessible through the Microsoft Store app.

We will discuss the valuable information you can find in a Windows Store App URL, such as app name, publisher name, app version, supported languages, app category, app rating, price, device compatibility, release date, and description.

Let’s dive in and uncover the importance of Windows Store App URLs!

Key Takeaways:

  • To access your app’s information and share it with others, you need a Windows Store App URL.
  • There are three ways to get the Windows Store App URL: through your device, the Windows Store website, or the Microsoft Store app.
  • The Windows Store App URL contains important information about the app, such as its name, publisher, version, price, and more.
  • What Is a Windows Store App URL?

    A Windows Store App URL is a unique web address that allows direct access to a specific application or content available on the Microsoft Store.

    When you come across a Windows Store App URL, think of it as your virtual passageway to instantly reach the desired app without navigating through multiple pages. This distinctive link streamlines the process for users, saving time and effort in locating and installing apps from the Microsoft Store.

    Through a Windows Store App URL, you can effortlessly share the link with others, facilitating quick access for friends, colleagues, or even clients who might need the same application. The inherent convenience and efficiency of these URLs make them a valuable asset in the realm of digital distribution.

    Why Do You Need a Windows Store App URL?

    Having a Windows Store App URL is essential for easy sharing, direct access, and quick installation of AppX Packages available on the Microsoft Store.

    Windows Store App URLs play a crucial role in simplifying the process for users to locate and download their desired applications seamlessly. By possessing a unique App URL, users can effortlessly share specific apps with others, allowing for a smoother exchange of software information. These URLs grant users direct access to the Microsoft Store platform, enabling them to explore a vast array of AppX Packages efficiently. With just a click on the URL, users can initiate the installation process, reducing the time and effort required for setting up new applications.

    How to Get the Windows Store App URL?

    Obtaining a Windows Store App URL can be achieved through various methods, depending on whether the application is already installed, available on the website, or accessible through the Microsoft Store app.

    When the app is already installed, you can locate its AppxManifest.xml file, which contains crucial information including the Store ID. Alternatively, if the app is listed on the official website, the URL can typically be found within the specific app’s page. For those applications available on the Microsoft Store, the URL can be directly copied from the address bar while viewing the app details. Each approach offers a straightforward way to secure the necessary Windows Store App URL.

    For Apps Already Installed on Your Device

    If you have an application like Windows Calculator installed on your device, you can generate its Windows Store App URL by exploring its X64 architecture and unique identifier like Microsoft.WindowsCalculator.

    To obtain the Windows Store App URL for an installed application, you need to delve into the system architecture details. In the case of X64 architecture, the app may offer optimizations for 64-bit systems, enhancing its performance.

    When looking for the unique identifier like Microsoft.WindowsCalculator, it serves as a specific marker that distinguishes the application from others. This identifier plays a crucial role in pinpointing the exact app you are aiming to retrieve the URL for.

    For Apps Available on the Windows Store Website

    To acquire a Windows Store App URL for applications listed on the Windows Store website, simply navigate to the desired app’s page and copy the provided Link available within the site.

    Once you have launched the Microsoft Store website and located the application you wish to share, scroll down on the app’s page until you see the details section. Here, you will find the specific URL associated with that app. Right-click on the WindowsApps URL, then select ‘Copy’ from the options that appear. This action will copy the unique link to your clipboard, ready to be shared or pasted wherever needed.

    For Apps Available on the Microsoft Store App

    When retrieving a Windows Store App URL for applications through the Microsoft Store app on Windows 10, you can utilize the UWP platform and URI scheme to access and share the app’s unique link.

    Utilizing the UWP platform for app development ensures seamless compatibility across various Windows 10 devices, allowing users to access your app on PCs, tablets, and even Xbox consoles. By leveraging the unique URI scheme, developers can specify the exact location of their app within the Microsoft Store. This can be particularly advantageous for marketing campaigns, sharing app links, or embedding direct download buttons on websites.

    What Information Can You Find in the Windows Store App URL?

    A Windows Store App URL provides a wealth of information about the corresponding application, including details such as the App Name, Publisher Name, App Version, Supported Languages, App Category, App Rating, Price, Device Compatibility, Release Date, and Description.

    Within the Windows Store App URL, users can find essential data like the Last Updated date, Size of the app file, System Requirements, Permissions required by the application, Number of Downloads, User Reviews and Comments, Screenshots showcasing the app’s interface, and the availability of In-App Purchases.

    App Name

    The App Name featured in a Windows Store App URL signifies the specific application’s title or identifier within the Microsoft Store.

    This crucial component is not merely a string of characters but a fundamental part of the app’s online identity. It plays a pivotal role in distinguishing one app from another and enhancing its discoverability on the Windows Store platform. As users navigate through the vast array of available applications, the App Name serves as the initial point of contact, influencing their decision to explore further or engage with the app. Therefore, crafting a compelling and relevant App Name is essential for attracting potential users and establishing a strong brand presence in the digital marketplace.

    Publisher Name

    The Publisher Name included in a Windows Store App URL indicates the entity or organization responsible for developing and distributing the respective application.

    By including the Publisher Name in the URL, users can easily recognize the source of the app, thus establishing trust and credibility. This component plays a crucial role in distinguishing between various applications offered in the Windows Store. It serves as a form of identification, helping users make informed decisions about the software they choose to download.

    From a developer’s perspective, the Publisher Name serves as a branding tool, providing visibility and recognition for their work. Ensuring that the Publisher Name is accurately represented in the app URL is essential for both users and developers.

    App Version

    The App Version specified in a Windows Store App URL denotes the specific iteration or release of the application available for download or access.

    Understanding the App Version is crucial in identifying updates, bug fixes, or feature enhancements that have been made to the application. It serves as a vital indicator for developers and users alike to keep track of the software’s progression.

    By having a defined App Version within the Windows Store App URL, developers can efficiently communicate to users the changes and improvements in each release. This transparency fosters trust between the developer and the users, ensuring a seamless experience.

    Supported Languages

    The Supported Languages section in a Windows Store App URL outlines the various language options in which the application is available for users to interact with.

    Ensuring that a Windows Store App supports multiple languages expands its reach to a global audience, catering to users who prefer navigating applications in their native tongue. Supported Languages play a pivotal role in enhancing user experience, as they enable seamless communication and engagement. By including diverse language options, developers can make their app more accessible and user-friendly, fostering inclusivity and user satisfaction.

    App Category

    The App Category segment in a Windows Store App URL categorizes the application according to its primary functionality or genre within the Microsoft Store ecosystem.

    By assigning each application to a specific category, it becomes easier for users to navigate, search for, and discover the kind of apps they are interested in.

    For developers, this categorization plays a crucial role in ensuring their apps reach the right target audience. It also helps Microsoft in organizing and managing the vast collection of applications available in the store effectively.

    App Rating

    The App Rating displayed in a Windows Store App URL reflects the overall assessment or evaluation of the application by users, indicating its quality and user satisfaction levels.

    When users come across a Windows Store App URL, one of the first elements that catches their attention is the App Rating. This rating, usually represented by stars, provides a quick snapshot for users to gauge how well the app has been received by its audience.

    A high App Rating typically suggests that the application meets the expectations and requirements of users, encouraging potential downloaders to trust the app’s quality. On the other hand, a low rating could indicate potential issues or shortcomings that users have encountered, serving as a cautionary signal to others.

    In this digital age where user feedback plays a critical role in decision-making, the App Rating within a Windows Store App URL holds significant importance in influencing user perceptions and choices.


    The Price information in a Windows Store App URL specifies the monetary value required for purchasing or accessing the application through the Microsoft Store platform.

    Understanding the Price component is crucial for users looking to acquire new software or services. The Price displayed typically reflects the cost associated with downloading or using the application. Users can find this essential information in the Windows Store App URL, which aids in making informed decisions before making a purchase. The Price details vary based on the nature of the application, ranging from free apps to those requiring a one-time purchase or subscription. The Price indicator offers transparency and clarity to users regarding the financial commitment involved in installing or using the software.

    Device Compatibility

    The Device Compatibility section in a Windows Store App URL outlines the various devices and operating systems on which the application can be installed and utilized.

    Ensuring that an application is compatible with a wide range of devices and operating systems is crucial for reaching a wider audience and maximizing user engagement.

    Developers need to thoroughly test their app on different devices to ensure a seamless user experience, as compatibility issues can lead to negative reviews and reduced adoption rates.

    By checking the Device Compatibility section before downloading an app, users can avoid any potential issues related to installation or functionality on their specific device.

    Release Date

    The Release Date provided in a Windows Store App URL signifies the specific date when the application was officially launched or made available on the Microsoft Store.

    Understanding the significance of this component is crucial for developers and users alike. For developers, the Release Date serves as a marker for tracking the progress of their app and informing users of updates. It also helps in planning marketing strategies and coordinating launches.

    On the user end, knowing the Release Date gives a clear indication of when the app became available, providing insights into its maturity and support. Users can assess if the app is actively maintained and updated based on this date.


    The Description section in a Windows Store App URL provides a detailed overview or summary of the application’s features, functionality, and unique characteristics for users.

    It serves as a crucial element that acts as a virtual storefront, enticing users to explore the app further based on the information provided. Through the Description component, users can quickly grasp the purpose and benefits of the app, helping them make informed decisions about downloading and utilizing it. This section is a valuable tool for developers to communicate the value proposition of their app effectively. A well-crafted Description can significantly impact user engagement and conversion rates, as it influences the initial impression users have of the app.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a Windows Store App URL?

    A Windows Store App URL is a specific link that directs users to a particular app in the Microsoft Store. It is a unique identifier that helps users locate and download a specific app.

    How can I find the URL for a specific app in the Windows Store?

    To get the Windows Store App URL, open the Microsoft Store and search for the app. Once you find the app, click on it to open the app’s page. The URL will be displayed in the address bar of your browser.

    Can I share a Windows Store App URL with others?

    Yes, you can share a Windows Store App URL with others through various means, such as email, social media, or messaging. This will allow them to directly access and download the app from the Microsoft Store.

    Is there a way to get the URL for a previously downloaded app?

    Yes, if you have previously downloaded the app from the Microsoft Store, you can find the URL by going to your library in the Store app. Right-click on the app and select “Copy link” to get the app’s URL.

    Can I use a Windows Store App URL to download the app on a different device?

    Yes, a Windows Store App URL can be used to download the app on different devices as long as the device has access to the Microsoft Store. Simply share the URL with the other device or open the URL on the device’s browser to access the app’s page in the Store.

    What do I do if the Windows Store App URL is not working?

    If the Windows Store App URL is not working, try refreshing the page or reopening the app in the Store. If the issue persists, there may be a problem with the app’s page or the app itself. Contact the app developer or Microsoft support for further assistance.

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